Ways To Give

Membership Levels

Sustaining Membership

A Sustaining Member is anyone that helps support KMST on a regular basis, whether annually, quarterly, monthly, withdrawals from your financial institution giving permission to do so until you as a supporter choose to stop. It also excludes you from further solicitations for future giving.

Charter Society $1000 and up

KMST's Charter Society is made up of individuals with a true belief in Public Radio, who have the financial means to make a real difference in their community.  KMST's Charter Society sets the example for leadership and responsibility.  Includes up to four Day Sponsor messages that run on their day of choice throughout the year. 

Studio Set $500 Level

At the Studio Set Level, you are making a significant investment not only in Public Radio, but in your friends, neighbors, community and yourself! You lead by example in making South Central Missouri a great place to live!  Not only that, but you can have two Day Sponsor messages that run on your day of choice throughout the year. 

Dollar A Day $365 Level

The Dollar a Day level is a very popular level that’s an easy investment for members to support.  For a dollar a day (about the price of a cup of coffee) members can feel comfort in knowing they’re supporting premium radio in mid-Missouri.

Day Sponsor $150 Level

The Day Sponsor level is our most popular level at KMST.  In addition to providing great support for your favorite radio station, you can have the message of your choice broadcast over 100,000 watts of FM power four times in a single day.  Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or (almost) any event you want broadcast to the world!

Basic Member $70 Level

At this level, you're providing the funding to bring one hour of broadcasting excellence to South Central Missouri.  Thank you!

New Member $40 

Congratulations - you're taking the first step!  You're supporting Public Radio, and taking responsibility for making sure that the programming you've come to depend on stays strong in South Central Missouri!

Student or Fixed Income $25 Level

Thank you for your support of Public Radio KMST!  We know there's not a lot in your budget, and all of us in the area are appreciative that you are choosing to invest some of your hard-earned funds with KMST!

Vehicle Donations


Do you have an old hunk o' junk taking up space in your driveway? Thanks to the Car Talk/KMST Vehicle Donation Program, you can now get rid of your old car and benefit your favorite public radio station at the same time!