Backyard Birder

KMST's Backyard Birder Mike Doyen tells us what we can do to the areas around our homes to attract birds and  keep them happy and healthy year-round.

Birds are just as thirsty in the summer heat as we are!  KMST's Backyard Birder says we all need to keep water around for our feathered friends.

This month, Mike Doyen, KMST's Backyard Birder, talks about ways to restore original Missouri habitat for your birds; even right in your own backyard.

The local chapter of the Audubon Society is having their annual banquet.  Norm Movitz talked with Mike Doyen, KMST's Backyard Birder about the event.

The KMST Backyard Birder

Feb 11, 2016
John Francis

Mike Doyen, KMST's Backyard Birder, talks about what's going on this month in the world of Birding, including the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Cardinal in Winter
John Francis

KMST's Backyard Birder, Mike Doyen, talks about the perfect Christmas gifts for Rolla area birders.