Six Missouri Pastors Sentenced to Probation for Tresspassing in Demonstration

May 19, 2017

   A Cole County Judge has sentenced six Missouri pastors who participated in a 2014 demonstration/prayer vigil at the statehouse to one year of unsupervised probation.

   In 2014, they were among twenty three members of the clergy arrested for trespassing after singing and praying to urge legislators to expand healthcare. In 2016, a jury found all of the group guilty.

   Former Governor Jay Nixon offered a pardon to members of the group, and 16 took him up on the offer.

   In imposing sentence on the remaining seven, Judge Daniel Green of Cole County told them they could not repeat the statehouse demonstration.

   One clergyman, Jessie Fisher of Kansas City, was not present. His sentencing has been postponed to May 24.