Inventor of the Roomba to Release a New Robot

Jun 13, 2017

   Missouri, KSDK - Joe Jones, the inventor of the 1989 Roomba self vacuum cleaner, is developing the Tertill, billed as the first weeding robot available to home gardeners.

 Jones a native southwest Missouri man, has designed his next Tertil to run on solar power around the clock.

 The Tertill distinguishes weeds from plants by height. And utilizes collar system around seedlings, so the robot avoids them. 

 Jones said the Tertill is designed to stay outside for an entire growing season, automatically alternating between charging motionless in the sun and roaming the garden looking for weeds.

 Franklin Robotics' Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to go online around June 13. Jones said the company is looking to raise "around or over $100,000," but the exact amount hasn't been finalized.

 The goal is to have the first robots ready next years gardens.