EPA Finds No Contamination in Homes Near Bridgeton Landfill

May 19, 2017

   ST. LOUIS (AP) - An Environmental Protection Agency examination has found no radioactive contamination in a neighborhood that sits near a suburban St. Louis landfill where nuclear waste is buried.

   The EPA said Thursday that no remediation is necessary in the Spanish Village neighborhood in Bridgeton, Missouri.

   The agency tested two homes in December after a lawsuit was filed that cited private testing indicating high levels of radiation. A law firm said last week that additional private testing has found radiation at four additional homes, prompting a second lawsuit.

   But EPA Acting Region 7 Administrator Edward Chu says no Manhattan Project waste was found despite extensive testing.

   Cold War-era nuclear waste was illegally buried four decades ago at the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton. Underground smoldering is in the adjacent Bridgeton Landfill.