Planned Giving

Legacy Giving to KMST

You’re a firm believer in the value of public radio, and you already know that it takes listener support to keep a station strong and thriving for years to come. You’ve probably already been supporting KMST for some time now – why not endow your yearly gift, so your support can continue long into the future? You may also want to consider KMST in your estate plans. Whether a bequest or other gift vehicle, your estate gift will ensure KMST continues to provide quality public radio programming for our region.

Credit Joel Goodridge - KMST

From her local children’s shop in St. James, Missouri, Judy Cavender first tuned into KMST (then KUMR) in the 1980s, and she has made the station her only choice in public radio ever since. She likes the way the stories let listeners draw their own conclusions. She also appreciates the news programs because of the in-depth discussions with people who were actually involved.  Judy grew up in St. James and lived at the Meramec Spring for many years. After earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master’s degree from Central Missouri State University – both in special education – she spent most of her career in education and children’s mental health, working for many years with Great Circle, previously Boys & Girls Town of Missouri in St. James. She was involved in all facets of the organization, including fundraising, which brought her to Missouri S&T as a planned giving officer and eventually as assistant vice chancellor of development. In this role, her office worked with the radio station to replace the KUMR call letters with KMST when the university changed its name. She also became an avid listener who appreciates public radio’s broader world view.

Judy continues to use her fundraising experience to assist local organizations like the St. James Community Foundation, which she guides as president. As a master naturalist, she is involved in the preservation, restoration and enhancement of our natural environment. Her love for the area and the St. James community motivates her to give back so that future generations can enjoy a quality of life enriched by natural beauty, community opportunity – and a great public radio station. “This is why I do planned gifts,” says Judy. “I want my grandkids to grow up having the same opportunities.” 

Why an estate gift to KMST? “When I think of things that give value to living in the Ozarks, KMST is vital to bringing a broader perspective to rural life.”

You can explore all the options in planned giving by contacting John Held <> at 573-341-6533