There are many birds that you commonly hear but almost never see. 

Artist in the Woods

Jul 12, 2016

Artists from all over Missouri are inspired by the beautiful Ozark woodlands.  The Ozark Natural and Cultural Resource Center in Salem has a new exhibit entitled Artist in the Woods

Project "Lead The Way"

Jul 12, 2016

Project Lead The Way is an innovative way of teaching teachers how to teach STEM topics.  Missouri S&T is one of the leading STEM institutions in the country, and a liaison to the national Lead the Way program.  KMST student reporter Jack Crewse talks with Ben Yates about it. 

Birds are just as thirsty in the summer heat as we are!  KMST's Backyard Birder says we all need to keep water around for our feathered friends.

Zip It Up

Jul 11, 2016

  Transportation departments in Missouri and Kansas have joined Minnesota and Washington in urging drivers to use the “zipper merge” method when approaching lane closures, most often associated with road construction. Using all available lanes until the last moment, then alternating entry into the open lane, helps reduce accidents by keeping both lanes moving at the same speed, said David Silvester, a Missouri Department of Transportation engineer.

Marijuana Magic

Jul 8, 2016

A man arrested for growing marijuana said five plants just appeared in his garden. On June 30, a police officer responded to the residence of David Burns after receiving information that a man was growing marijuana. According to the Lebanon Daily Record the officer searched the property and found a suitcase filled with over 35 grams of marijuana. The officer also discovered several pieces of paraphernalia along with two seven-foot tall marijuana plants and five small marijuana plants in a garden.

    From the poetry etched into the Statue of Liberty, to the hymns that became our national anthems, to the words of the Declaration of Independence, the American Tradition was built on . the power of language, and the language of power. Here with a celebration of that language is local marine and Chief Warrant Officer Three, Andre Mayes.


Knowing when something doesn’t look right and trusting gut instincts are critical skills for Fort Leonard Wood’s Directorate of Emergency Services deputy director. Those abilities were tested June 16 when Don Rose drove home from work. The Guidon newspaper reports a lady was trying to break her windshield when Rose drove by and noticed the unusual behavior. He later turned around and got out to help the woman who had locked her keys in the car, along with her infant child. The two were able to rescue the child who was unharmed in the hot car.

The 31st annual Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival will take place until this Saturday, July 2, at Starvy Creek Bluegrass Park. Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, Dailey and Vincent, and the Spinney Brothers will be dazzling listeners along with nine other notable bands. The first performance begins tonight at 6:30. The Lebanon Daily Record reports the festival began in 1985 when Don and Bobby Day decided to have a music party on their farm and invite the public. Since then, attendance has grown to over 3,000 visitors.

Future inventors entering grades one through six can now spend the summer doing what they love. Camp Invention, the nation’s premier summer enrichment day camp, supported by the US Patent and Trademark Office is coming to Missouri S&T in mid-July. The Rolla Daily News reports the week long camp allows students to get out all their creative and imaginative energy in a way not normally feasible in the classroom. This year’s theme, Epic, focuses on the environment with solar-powered activities and eco-adventures.

Business professionals can now rejoice over a suitable meeting space in Rolla. The Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development at Missouri S&T is now offering meeting space in the Technology Development Center to the public. According to the Rolla Daily News, with it’s elegant, tech-inspired design, the university hopes the facility will become a core component of economic development in the community. So far the center has become a base of operations for many notable companies in the region including Garmin and Boeing.

A man with two active warrants was arrested after he was found hiding behind a chest of drawers. According to the Lebanon Daily Record, a Laclede county deputy was dispatched to a home on Sherman Avenue to serve papers to a 29 year old woman and a 31 year old man. The woman was home and served but the man was reportedly not in the residence. Later, the deputy received word that the man was home and went back with permission to search the house. The suspect was discovered hiding behind a chest of drawers with a bag of marijuana nearby.

Kid Cops Kick Butt

Jun 27, 2016

The Lebanon Police Department crammed a police officer’s basic training into one week for their Junior Police Academy that ended on Friday. The students, all under the age of 15, learned about crime scene investigation, fingerprinting, and writing reports. The Lebanon Daily Record reports that they were even able to interview an officer posing as a crime victim. The camp is free but only accepts up to 40 applicants a year. This year, they had about 32 attendees.

According to Wonderland Camp Executive Director Jason Hynson, an area summer camp for people with disabilities is all about relationships and not being different. The Lebanon Daily Record reports that the camp aims to provide a fun, educational camp experience for children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities, along with a respite for daily care givers and to nurture personal development for staff. Retired GE executive Charlie Miller founded the camp in 1969 to create a place where anybody could come and play, regardless of what their needs were.

Missouri Department of Conservation officials say that a black bear spotted on the outskirts of Lebanon Tuesday is probably a young male headed northeast. The first sighting was near the intersection of Missouri 5 and Fremont Road, and subsequent sightings show the animal was heading north and east throughout the day. According to the Lebanon Daily Record, the male cub is dispersing from its place of birth since mother bears tend to chase away their male cubs. The cub will roam until he is ready to become dominant, possibly traveling hundred of miles away.

First Assembly Church in Rolla is having their annual "Celebrate America," honoring veterans and their families.  Pastor Chuck Whitmire talks with KMST's Norm Movitz about the event.

Teeing Off For A Cure

Jun 23, 2016

The Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation's 18th annual golf tournament raised a record $122,000 for the Delbert Day Cancer Institute. The Rolla Daily News reports that the Oak Meadow Country Club where the event was held was nearly at capacity with over 224 golfers. A new event was added, the “Gettin Wiggy With It” competition which gave golfers the chance to tee-off at the ladies tee-box for 25 dollars. However, participants had to wear a wig and costume while teeing off. The Delbert Day Cancer Institute is set to open in January of 2017.

More than 400 students from the Iberia School district descended upon Missouri State Highway Patrol's troop 1 headquarters this month to say thank you. The field trip was part of Iberia’s summer school program and involved students from pre-k to seventh grade, and 30 staff members. According to the Rolla Daily News, the state troopers gave a tour and showed off the canine unit, and the helicopter and scuba units. Local businesses even pitched in to provide lunch. The state troopers felt inspired by the students and were thankful for their support.

For the 21st year, Phelps County Bank is working towards the goal of ending child abuse in Phelps County with kids (and older people) manning lemonade stands all over the county.  Linda Goff talked with KMST's Norm Movitz about this year's campaign.

A Savage Switch

Jun 22, 2016

A radio manager and NPR board member who took a public stance against This American Life’s distribution contract with Pandora reversed a decision to drop the show from his station’s schedule. According to Current, the public media news magazine, Mike Savage, GM of WBAA in Indiana, objected to the contract in a LinkedIn post on May 12. Savage disagreed with the contract allowing companies to attach paid advertising to the program since he believes it goes against public radio’s mission.