Charter Society

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KMST's Charter Society is made up of individuals with a true belief in Public Radio, who have the financial means to make a real difference in their community.  KMST's Charter Society sets the example for leadership and responsibility.

Bree Anderson Fort Leonard Wood
John D and Cindy Beger Rolla
Wayne and Deb Bledsoe Rolla
Terry L and Paula Brewer Rolla
Russell D and Mary E Buhite Rolla
Don Busiek St. Louis
John Carney III Boston, MA
Lawrence O and Maxine J Christensen Rolla
James Davison Rolla
James L Drewniak and Mariesa L Crow Rolla
Walt and Boo Eversman


James A and Cynthia Felts Rolla
Jason Fisher Rolla
Mark W and Stephanie L Fitch Rolla
John R and Lorie L Francis Rolla
Leon G Jr and Laura Frayer St. James
Dan Holdinghaus and Laura J Friz Leasburg
Ellen Sue Goodman Dixon
James P and Mary Graham Rolla
Ed and Barbara Hale Rolla
Dave and Barbara Hause Waynesville
Gary R and Peggy Henderson Rolla
Cynthia K Hobart Rolla
Peter Hofherr, CEO St. James Winery St. James
Randall D and Pat Huss Rolla
William J and Arlene James Rolla
Oliver Kernick Rolla
John and Jossalyn Larson Owensville
Don and Lina Madison Rolla
Stephen and Leslie Malott Rolla
Rory and Amy Beechner McCarthy Rolla
Robert L and Frances Haemmerlie Montgomery Rolla
Doug and Joan M Nesbitt Rolla
Ifeanyi S Orizu – Rolla Ophthalmology Assoc. Inc. Rolla
Phelps County Bank Rolla
Phelps County Regional Medical Center Rolla
Mark T and Anne Premont Fort Leonard Wood
Don W and Ginger Priest Rolla
David and Kim Ramsey Rolla
David G C and Ruth Robertson Rolla
Angela B Rolufs Rolla
Doyle and Libby Sanders Rolla
Jeff and Cheryl Schrader Rolla
J R and Ordith Skouby Vienna
Doug and Susan Spitalny Waynesville
William V and Ruth Stoecker Rolla
David A Summers Rolla
Seldon Y Trimble Rolla
Elizabeth Vonalt Rolla
Jodi P Waltman Rolla
Jon C Wilsdorf and Merilee Krueger Rolla